This Could Be the Start of Something Big

I recently read that Adidas is looking to start a corporate university that would serve as a “capabilities incubator.”  I’m really impressed that Adidas is looking to step along side the 64% Generation Y employees they currently have and provide training and a place for ideas to flourish.  I appreciate their commitment to innovation through new ways of learning.  Not only is the company looking to enrich their employees, but they are already starting the process with a collaborative mindset.  They have asked employees and consumers to comment on how they could be successful, and I couldn’t help but throw my 2 cents in too.

There is a lot to consider when you outline some of the lofty goals that Adidas is hoping to accomplish, especially comparing their future selves to TED and edX.  And it is exciting to think how peer-to-peer learning could foster new ideas and change the paradigm of how people, no matter what level in the organization, could serve as a leader.  However, the first thing that came to my mind is what all of their 48,000 employees have in common – their passion for sports, competition, and fitness.  This passion cannot just be an underlying theme to whatever learning environment they create.  But it serves as the common language for a global corporation that bridges as gaps between cultures, or even departments.  Sport, should be routed at the very core of their programs.

Why not offer a class about leveraging your strengths in sales.  And then have a chance to get to put some of that energy into sport.  Have people learn some wrestling moves, and provide additional excitement by bringing in an elite athlete that will serve as a coach and referee.

Or how about a class on endurance in strategy and in the afternoon the employees are encouraged to participate in a friendly game of soccer.  Or a workshop on focus and everyone gets to try yoga.  Or even a personality test that serves as strength finder with a volleyball game at the end to illustrate how each role is needed in a team.

Each of these create an environment of learning, easily transfer knowledge from sport to business, and allows for cross functional innovation while people from all departments participate in different workshops.

If Adidas succeeds, it could result in stolen share from their largest U.S. competitor, Nike.  Not only could they successfully retain employees (a very lucrative cost containment tool), but also build a more cohesive culture.  I can’t wait to see where this goes, and I hope I get an insider’s look one day.  🙂

The Adidas blog:

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A New Love…

For the past year I have been absolutely infatuated with the Nike Training Club App.  I have spent more time with this app than some of my closest friends.  We hang out daily, we laugh, we cry (ok, I do most of the crying), and it always gives me all the attention a girl could need.  Not to mention, it has allowed me to continue to workout with world famous athletes, receive encouragement from personal trainers, and get rewards – all for free.  Yep, you heard me right – FOR FREE.

Well, I just found out today that there is a new Nike Running site coming out – the latest and greatest version of the Nike+ Running Site is coming out in June.  I have longed for their app to suggest trails and have better analysis of your workout.  Its like Nike read my mind because the new site does that and so much more.  Better yet, it is just in time for National Running Day – June 6th!  It looks like I might celebrate the holiday by cheating on the Training Club with the new guy in town.

So lace up, download your update, and I will see you on the trail!  Happy Running!

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Transitions are funny really.  Every time I have been in one, it was my goal to get out of it as soon as possible. However, I realized today that each transition is an opportunity.  

In swimming, some people call turns, transitions.  It is a different way to think about getting your body and all the force and water you had moving in one direction to go the completely opposite way.  It was always my goal to just get the turn over with and get back to the good part, swimming.  However, one coach made me think about differently.  If the vast majority of people are just trying to get through the turn, then you can capitalize on it by transitioning more efficiently.  It was the whole swim smarter, not harder mentality.  And I liked it. 

So what about transitions in life.  Are they a clean slate, a chance to try something new, or just a means to an end?  I think they may be like those turns – an opportunity to capitalize on something that other people are overlooking. 

So, look out world – this could lead to trouble.  Who knows what a girl in transition will do!! 🙂


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Persistant Toddler is Shot Down By Crush Again and Again

Sometimes I feel like this little fella in the job search. Although, I admire his persistence, determination, and all around gusto, I can’t help to think how I am making those companies feel when I am begging for their attention.

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Hello world!

So, I am typically a morning person.  I blame it on having early morning swim practice at such a young age, but there is some proof that it could be hereditary.  Therefore, me starting a blog after midnight is beyond just atypical.  However, I wanted a place to keep track of my thoughts, but also share and see if anyone else can figure out this bout of insomnia that I am having.

I plan to use this blog as a way to share my ups and downs, talk about my favorite industry – fitness, and hopefully have a laugh or two along the way.

Things you should know before you read further:

  • I am a positive person.  Some people find this annoying, especially at early hours, but I can’t help it.  So, when given the choice to sink or swim –  I am choosing to swim, no matter what.
  •  I like analogies.  They keep things simple for me.  As a simple southern gal, I like to keep things easy to understand.  So, you may hear a lot of comparisons.  Ex. Swimming and Business, Job hunting and Dating, etc.
  •  I just graduated with an MBA.  Yep, I am officially one of those suits.  However, I like to think my suit has a little more flair than most.  And I have to admit, I am still more comfortable in a swim suit than a business suit any day of the week.

Well, I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

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